NWHL on Twitch Viewed by 949,065 Fans in October

by NWHL Media

The NWHL and Twitch today released viewership data from the league’s first month of hockey games on the platform.

The information is for the 14 games streamed on NWHL and NWHL2 on Twitch between Oct. 5 – Oct. 27.

Total Viewers: 949,065

Average per game: 67,790

Total chat messages sent: 24,538

Percentage of viewers by country: USA – 60%, UK – 10%, Canada – 9%

Most-watched game: Buffalo at Boston (Oct. 12). Total viewers: 145,172

Registered Followers of NWHL on Twitch: 5,752

This season is the first of a three-year partnership between the NWHL and Twitch, which has more than 15 million unique daily visitors. All games and programming are available on Twitch at www.twitch.tv/nwhl, with fans engaging with other fans, broadcasters, and influencers.

“These numbers are a solid start for the NWHL, proving that Twitch has been a remarkable partner in shining a bigger spotlight on our players and teams,” said Commissioner Dani Rylan. “There’s no doubt that having all of our games on Twitch has helped the game of hockey reach new fans. Now it’s on all of us to continue to build our community and connect with the great fans of the NWHL.”

"Traditional sports have found their home on Twitch by building strong communities and thus, making the viewing experience more enjoyable," said Jane Weedon, Director of Business Development at Twitch. "Watching on Twitch is not unlike watching in-person at the rink — chatting and cheering alongside other fans — and the NWHL has successfully built a viewing experience around these behaviors in a live online setting."